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2022-23 Resident Board of Directors
As Hill Country Retreat Community Association, Inc.’s Member elected Resident Board Members from November 18, 2021, through November 17, 2023, it is important that the Association Members are informed with accurate information and understand the decision process Diane Jackson and John McCullough have adopted.  Each decision before the Board is weighed against the following criteria:
1.       Is the Decision Legal – Does the decision follow Federal, Texas, local laws, and the official governing documents of the Association?
2.      Does the Decision Have a Legitimate Purpose – Does the decision resolve a specific need?
3.      Is the Decision Reasonable – Does the decision make sense to the Association Members?
4.      Is the Decision Fair – Does the decision provide an opportunity to all Association Members?
5.      Is the Decision Enforceable – Can the decision be properly enforced, and the proper consequences be applied if violated?
6.      Is the Decision Clear – Is the decision not open to individual interpretation?
Much work lies ahead in the coming months and will require many resident volunteers to commit their time and talents to our community to advise the Board.  Diane and John are committed to providing an opportunity for each resident to be part of the team need to properly oversee the community’s common assets, finances, operations, and lifestyle.  Committees are the foundation of our community.  Each committee should have a narrow focus of duties to allow for proper oversight.  The committees also need to have a Standard Operating Procedure and a Succession Plan in place to maintain valuable information, procedures, and documents into the future.  The primary goal of the Resident Board Members to build this organization structure to benefit our community now and into the future. 
Diane Jackson
Board of Directors, HCR Resident
John McCullough
Board of Directors, HCR Resident